Fasteners and Fittings was founded in 1976 in Scarborough, Ontario. The company's mission was to supply distributors with quality products and provide the best level of customer service in the industry. Over the last 40 years, the company has expanded to become one of the leading suppliers of distributors across North America, with a home base in Milton, Ontario and a Western division located in Calgary, Alberta. Fasteners and Fittings has valued their commitment to customer service, providing top quality distributor assistance across the board in every division, from the order desk to the warehouse floor. The Fastener and Fittings team strives to stay on top of the latest trends, products and technologies; ensuring the availability of products and the best packaging and shipping solutions for their clients. 

The past 40 years have brought significant change and expansion, but Fasteners and Fittings remains dedicated to providing the best products and support to their customers. The new 24/7 online ordering availability means our distributors can place orders quickly to get their products in hand sooner. No request is too big, too small or too challenging- Fasteners and Fittings stands by it's customers, vendors, products and service. Join our team of satisfied distributors today to see the value that a Fasteners and Fittings partnership can bring to your business.